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Pure L-glutamine Powder
Contains 5 grams of USP grade L-glutamines
Great for recovery after intense workouts
Pharmaceutical Grade(USP)
Mixes easily and tastes great
Provides essential amino acids to build muscle tissue
When you're ready to leave the passive herd of civilization and experience new worlds, American Pure Whey Glutamine will be there for your muscles to meditate on, whether they're chasing reps at the gym, miles on the beach or yards on the field. We've broken out of the soulless, mold of glutamine supplements to give you a great product that is immediately anabolic.
Instant Fuel for muscles
Awesome Taste and easy mixing
Consume 5-10 grams with your favorite beverage. Consume two or three times daily
Mix 5-10 grams with 12 oz of water or juice
review on american pure whey
        5.0 -Riffo
  I use about 15 - 20g's daily of this stuff and my recovery times have improved so much! Im currently on a cut and it really helps! Use American pure whey regularly and never disappointed.
  I love to take Glutamine in combinaton with Bcaa's to preserve my mass while I'm cutting down body fat, American pure whey really make their job.
        5.0- Tommy
  I mix this with my protein shake after exercise in the morning and afternoon, and take some with orange juce at lunchtime. Great stuff in aiding recovery!! would recomend!! Tastes like crap on its own!!!
        5.0 -jmlenz
  just want to say first time i have ordrered of an internet site standard and i am very impressed with the delivery and also the product it self welldone American pure whey will use you a lot more in the future
        5.0 -juzz85
  Great price dirt cheap
        5.0 -coyne  
  Been having 5g 3 times a day, and it works a treat. I no longer get sore. It also seemed to help clear my cold as well. Thumbs up
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